Online Marketing Services in Lincolnshire

    Based in the heart of Lincolnshire, Ben Sharpe provides digital services with old-school values. Every client requires their own unique online strategy without the pressure of a long-term contract that ties you in unnecessarily. I’m confident you’ll see results but you’re free to go if you do not; This ensures a fair and honest results-led digital service built on trust and respect.


    Every Online Business Requires a Unique Online Strategy.

    SEO & Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Search Engine Optimisation is your best long-term strategy to get found online. CRO advice will help to increase sales and enquiries. Combine the two and see effective results. Oh, did I mention no long-term contracts?

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    I’ve always said that having a website is only the start. You can build the best website, offering the best products/services at the best prices but without the content and correct information, you may as well have a warehouse out in the sticks with no signposts to it.

    Search Engine Optimisation is about creating the signposts to get people to your business and once there, helping them to inquire or make a purchase.

    Every business is different and requires a unique approach, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to SEO… Even though most agencies provide a blanket quote to get you to sign up.

    I have no blanket quotes.

    No long term contracts.

    No reason to tie you in other than because you are seeing results.

    I take the time to try and understand your business, industry and website. Your business is unique, we just need to tell search engines and people that you are.

    Google Adwords Management.

    I’ve managed Google Ads across a number of industries since 2012 but I’ve seen my best results over the last few years since I became a freelance consultant. Ad campaigns take time to get right but when you do, they are a valuable asset to business.

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    I’ve been managing Google Ads since 2012. In that time, I’ve used various pieces of software such as Wordstream and Aquisio… And you know what? – I can do a better job running ads directly through the Google Adwords Software. 
    Over the years I’ve run successful Google Adwords campaigns across a lot of industries and sectors, everything from local services like auto-locksmiths to clothing, stickers, courses and software. In every case, a unique approach is needed to not only understand the business but to ensure you’re tracking the right things for conversions and sales… that’s the key to whether your account is profitable or not. 
    I work with a select handful of clients now and only take on new clients that I believe I can help.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics and Google Search Console are two essential tools to understanding your audience and traffic. I’ll provide that data in my monthly reports and explain what that information means. 

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    Google Analytics is a cornerstone of everything you should be doing when making efforts online. Even more so if you’re running Google Ads. 

    You should be tracking and understanding your data, your audience and which channels are actually bringing you business. 

    Never confuse traffic and conversions. One needs the other but if your traffic is not converting then you need to understand why and Google Analytics is a great place to start looking. 

    With over 7 years of experience in understanding Google Analytics, I can help see where things are working and where they’re not. I’ll include this data with the monthly reports to reinforce where your efforts are best made.

    Stay In Touch

    You are a priority and I’m an extension of your team. You can contact me when you need me, without an appointment and never be left hanging. We’re in this together.

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    I’m part of your team. I’m here when you need me. 

    So many agencies and service providers do not pick up the phone or reply in a timely manner. In some cases, you are forced to book in for an appointment just to have a chat that may take a couple of minutes.

    I try to ensure that I’m always available to chat when you need me to be. You call, I answer or I’ll get back to you ASAP. 

    Don’t accept being left hanging. I’m here when you need me to be.

    Monthly Reporting

    Using industry-leading software and Google’s online toolbox, you’ll be provided with ongoing, detailed monthly reports. Track & understand traffic, sources, keywords, sales and enquiry data all explained with a clear, thorough write-up.

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    Most agencies really cut corners when it comes to reports. You’ll likely get an auto-generated report with the bare minimum of information and no explanation of what that data actually means.

    In terms of SEO, I ensure each client has a solid monthly report consisting of: A full Moz report including keyword data, link data, error data and month-on-month comparisons for you and three competitors. On top of this, I will provide screen caps directly from Google Analytics including your year-on-year data, where possible. I’ll cover All Traffic, Organic Only Traffic, Traffic Sources, Conversion Data and explanations of what the data actually means. Include a synopsis of work to be carried out and recommendations of what you need to do and you have a fairly thorough report!
    Social media and Advertising clients can have the extra data sent separately should they wish to.
    You may have different departments or managers. I’ll ensure their job is made easy with detailed reports and extra data or assistance should they need it.

    Social Media Management & Advertising

    My team can provide social media management on Google My Business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We work with you to build your brand visibility with social media.

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    A social media presence is more important now than it ever has been. Though I’ve only been managing social media for the last couple of years, I’ve invested in software to ensure that posts are queued up and go out reliably and consistently.

    It’s always better to make some social media efforts yourself such as outreach and direct contact with your clients. But I now have Chris work with me to aid with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest… along with offering Facebook advertising management at competitive rates. 

    You can’t be expected to do everything so let us help with your social media. 

    Monitor Links & Stay Protected

    Each monthly report includes a detailed link analysis to ensure you’re the right side of Google’s webmaster guidelines and growing sustainably without shady link schemes.

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    Links can make or break a site. Whether internal links or external links, follow or no follow… You need to understand how authority is passed to your site from elsewhere on the internet and how it passes authority around within the site itself. 

    I’ll include link data in each and every report and where possible, I will grow your links with natural, organic links that should be to or from reputable domains. 

    I’ll never engage in “black hat” tricks like link buying or manipulation. Yes, this will provide some short term, fast results but it provides a longterm risk. 

    Monitoring links mean we can keep tabs on your future growth and check that no short cuts have been taken in your SEO efforts. 

    Website Development

    Though I do not provide web development services, after many years in the industry, I do have some very capable contacts that can help. Feel free to ask! 

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    I do not personally offer web development services but I’m lucky enough to work with some very accomplished, competitive web developers who are able to work with everything from fully customised websites built over complex databases to the well-known off the shelf platforms like WordPress, Shopify or WooCommerce. 

    In each case, the sites can be fully customised to suit your business needs and should you need it, unique programming projects, fixes or adaptations of existing code can be carried out. 

    Get in touch if you need help and I’ll put you in touch with one of my developers who will be able to help you… Whether it’s a large longterm project or a quick fix that’s required. 

    Increase Traffic. Boost Enquiries. Make More Sales.

    I’ve been in Online Marketing since 2012 and I know that every business has different requirements to grow. It’s impossible to provide a one-size-fits-all approach to your online efforts though many marketing agencies do this.

    You’ll  likely have a limited budget and finite resources to dedicate to your growth. I understand that.

    You need a data-driven approach, coupled with some creative input to your content. Analytics data should be the backbone of everything you do and provide the insights into where to improve next and how your web traffic is behaving.

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