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Our SEO services provide long-term, sustainable results at very competitive rates. Unparalleled levels of care and commitment to online businesses in the UK.
Experienced Google Ads & Bing Ad management, along with Social Media & Facebook Ads form the complete package.

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Our Services

Every online business is different and it’s important to understand exactly what your online marketing needs to grow. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO should aid long term visibility and sales. We work hard to understand your business and provide positive results.

Adwords & Bing Ads Management

Online advertising can be expensive. We’re here to get the most from your budget and making results a feasible expense.

Part Of Your Team

It’s not just a case of optimising pages: We need to understand your business. We are an extension of your team.

SEO Consultancy In Lincolnshire

The SEO industry has a lot of mixed advice. For long-term, sustainable results, you need reliable advice. That’s what we do.

Monthly Reports

Understand WHY your website is getting results with detailed monthly reports using Google Analytics &  leading software.

Social Media Management & Ads

The team has recently expanded with Chris and we now offer Social media management & ads.

Online Marketing Without the BS!

The only “BS” you’ll ever get from me is in my initials… I understand the value of honesty and hard work when it comes to SEO and online advertising.

None of my clients are trapped in a contract for this reason: If long term results are provided and measured, they’re happy to stay.

Content & Data Driven Services

Your online marketing efforts should be driven by a combination of data and creativity. Striking the balance between the two can be difficult, especially when you have a business to run.

You’ll need an online marketing consultant with years of experience to make sense of the data, provide monthly reports, explain progress and ensure your site is optimised correctly to increase traffic and sales.

You’ve found him.

Answers to Your Questions

Why are you different from an agency?

Having worked at an agency and alongside various agencies and web developers, I understand the frustrations of website owners when it comes to costs, expectations, and results. I only work with the companies I want to work with and none of them are tied in by a long term contract. The only way to ensure we’re both happy is to provide an honest and effective service. 

Do You Guarantee Results?

No. Anyone guaranteeing results should be avoided! But I use tried and tested methods for SEO and Ad campaigns that work. I do not use risky black hat methods. It will take time but we’ll get you there.

What Are Your Prices?

They vary. Whether it’s ad management, social media or SEO, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that will work for everyone. I need to understand your website and business before I can quote, unlike many agencies who will simply give you a set quote and try and get you to sign up.

What’s Your Experience?

I’ve been working in Online Marketing since 2012. I’ve seen how much the industry has changed in that time as Google’s algorithms have grown… I’ve seen get rich quick schemes come and go as content became more and more important. I’ve worked with local SME’s to large corporate service providers. My background was not technical until a career change in 2010 (in I.T.) and then another career change in 2012 into websites and digital marketing. After the birth of my daughter in 2016, I went freelance & worked as a white label SEO consultant and Google Adwords manager with a handful of companies.
By word of mouth, results and reputation, I have grown my business, expanded my services and taken on Chris as part of my team.

Who Do I Work With?

My clients range from independent local tradesmen to worldwide retail companies. I try to ensure everyone gets a service over and above that which they expect… And I only work with the companies that are the right fit. It’s working out so far!


The idea is a simple one: Treat clients as you wish to be treated. With unbeatable rates, no iffy contracts, a data-driven strategy, proven results and always be approachable. Every client is an extension of my business… Caring about their business as much as they do is the key to everything.

May the Force be with you, always.

Benji Sharpe



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Let's Work Together!

I’m not going to lie: I’m fussy about who I work with. Let’s see if we can get you the results we want. 


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