If you want to know a little more about the team and me, then this is the place… It’s probably not that exciting but… Here ya go! 

    About Benji Sharpe

    I’ve been in the Online industry since 2012. Before that, I spent a couple of years in IT and dabbled in website development alongside fixing computers and maintaining online workplaces for companies.

    I’ve probably learned more since going freelance in 2016 than I’d learned in the six or so years previously about business and my role. This is largely down to the fact that I handpick which clients and agencies I want to work with and take the time to really get to know and understand their business. In many respects, my business is secondary; all my time goes into my clients and learning more to help them.

    I’m Google-certified and experienced in working on a broad range of website platforms in an even broader range of industries. Each site and client have their own unique set of issues and problems which means I have to switch gear to address those issue and help with rankings, sales and oversee that their online efforts are working.

    My day-to-day work revolves around using software like Google Analytics and Moz to identify and fix issues, writing copy for the site content, creating and maintaining ad accounts, fixing content issues, optimising to aid rankings, liaising with clients to work on future plans and site changes and providing insight to help with the overall marketing effort.

    I try to go above and beyond the role of an SEO professional. Working closely with web developers and clients to get the best results for them.

     I take a very personal approach to my job and want to be an external part of the team for every company I work for, be it sole traders or large worldwide companies. I care about them personally, I’m not here to provide a nameless, faceless service. 

    This is why it’s so important to me that a client is happy and no awkward contract is in place. People work with me because they get a good service and they stay with me because I’m more affordable than an agency. I like to think my clients see better results too: Without results, quite simply, I would not have a job. 

    Benji’s Team

    I started out on my own and over time, I’ve taken on some help. Now I have a very talented apprentice and some amazing web developers to help me! 

    Benji Sharpe

    Benji Sharpe

    Online Marketing Consultant & Jedi

    Mystical Web Developers

    Mystical Web Developers

    The Restorers of Faith & Functionality

    Chris Gedney

    Chris Gedney

    Apprentice Online Marketeer Padawan

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